Maik Brötzmann is the founder and owner of HAFSTRAND.


About MAik

Maik Brötzmann, the founder and owner of HAFSTRAND, has been a yacht enthusiast since childhood. He began sailing and building model ships at an early age, started his first job in a shipyard at the age of 14, and later worked on a tall ship and as an engineer in the Navy.

Maik has sailed all over the world, including in the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Irish Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic, Greenland Sea, Denmark Strait, the North American Eastern and Western Shores, South Pacific Ocean, Tasman Sea, and Coral Sea. His professional background and degrees are in meteorology, naval architecture, and marine resource management.

A native of Berlin, Germany, Maik has been living in Iceland for over 13 years and is fluent in German, English, and Icelandic.